Complete & Partial Dentures

Dentures are removable appliances designed to replace missing teeth.Also called oral dentures, cosmetic dentures or false teeth, dentures can be either partial dentures, which means they replace one or a few teeth, or complete dentures, which means they replace all of a person’s teeth.

Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

Your teeth do more than provide a great smile. They play key roles in eating and speaking, two activities most of us take for granted until we begin to lose teeth. People who are missing even one or two teeth may find themselves unable to eat certain foods. Leaving gaps unfilled also encourages neighboring teeth to lean in to those gaps, and over time, these tooth also will weaken and fall out. What’s more, missing teeth can make your face look sunken and much older than it really is. Teeth replacement helps retain the natural shape of your face. And of course, it also helps increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Are there alternatives to removable dentures?

Bridges and implants are both possible alternatives to dentures.

A bridge is a permanently attached denture that can span gaps between missing teeth. Today’s bridges are strong and can be made to look like your own natural teeth.

Dental implants are permanently embedded in your jaw. Over time, the bone fuses with the titanium “roots” making the implant as stable as your natural teeth.

Implants offer several advantages over removable dentures, including improved appearance and improved speech. They also make it much easier to eat, and there’s no worry of your dentures causing embarrassment by slipping. They’re also more convenient, easier to care for and require no messy adhesives. Finally, dental implants help prevent bone loss that tends to occur once the tooth’s root is removed, making them an overall better choice than either dentures or bridges.

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